Treatment of Gum Disease

Treatment of Gum Disease

Remove Plaque and Tartar

At All Smiles Dental Care we provide treatment of gum disease by deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar below the gum level. We also provide placement of antibiotics below the gums to eliminate the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is common, but easily preventable.  Ongoing maintenance cleanings are highly recommended to monitor the health of your gums. Call All Smiles Dental Care today to schedule your appointment!

treatment of gum disease

Causes of Gum Disease


Pool Oral Hygiene

Not brushing or flossing on a daily basis makes it easier for gum disease to develop.



Some medications could have an effect on oral health, because they lessen the flow of saliva, which protects your teeth and gums.


Family History

Family history of dental disease could be a contributing factor to gum disease.


Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes, such as those during pregnancy, puberty, menopause, etc. make your gums ore sensitive and susceptible for disease to develop. 



Illnesses that have an affect on your immune system, may affect the condition of your gums. 


Bad Habits

Bad habits such as smoking make it harder for your gum tissues to repair themselves, making your gums more prone to developing gum disease.

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